If you ALREADY HAVE ZOOM INSTALLED, please check your version. It needs to be 5.3 or greater

  • Click the Zoom icon on your desktop
  • If you are NOT signed in, the version number will show at the bottom.
  • If you ARE signed in, at upper right, click on your account initials (right of "Search")
  • Click on "Help"
  • Click on "About Zoom" and the version number will show
  • To upgrade, first sign in, and then click on your account initials at the top right
  • Click on "Check for updates". Zoom will automatically update to the latest revision.
Video: How to Update your version of Zoom

If you DO NOT HAVE ZOOM INSTALLED, please download it

  • Go to
  • Under "Zoom Client for Meetings", Click on the Download button
  • This should be a fairly quick download and will result in a button installed on your desktop
  • You should be all set to go!
Video: How to Download Zoom

How to Change and Lock in your Zoom Display Name

Zoom will default to showing your registered name. For HAM-CON events we prefer First Name and Call Sign. Please use the following steps to lock in your display name.
  • On your web brower, go to Zoom.US.
  • Sign into Zoom if it asks. Sometimes, if you have used Zoom before it may automatically log you in.
  • At upper right, click on "My Account". This will bring up your Profile Page, which shows your name and info.
  • At the upper right, Click on the topmost "Edit" link. Careful - click on the top one!
  • The "Display Name" box is the 2nd line. Enter your First name and call sign
  • At the bottom, click "Save changes"
  • When you enter a Zoom meeting, your displayed name will default to what you just set

If you are an experienced Zoom user, you should be all set. However, if you need more direction go to Zoom Directions for more details on using Zoom.